Yeb Com Business is a division of Yeb Communications LLC. Yeb Com provides voice, sms, and fax services, along with managed PBX and CRM platforms.

Yeb Communications LLC is a telecommunications provider, providing next generation communication services to enterprise, business, wholesale and consumer markets.

Yeb Com Business: Provider of next generation communications.

Yeb Com Business, a division of Yeb Communications LLC was launched to focus on business and enterprise.

Yeb Communications LLC,  operates an IP and voice backbone with
dozens of Points-Of-Present world-wide, and has the technical experience not found with other IT companies.

Yeb Com Business utilizes this vast network, and technical experience to offer advanced & customized communication products to enterprise, and business markets.

Yeb Com Business offers its products on a usage based, as opposed to per-line & per seat. This unique wholesale model is unheard of in enterprise and business markets. Yeb Com Business utilize this model to insure its business grow, as the business of its clients grow.

Yeb Com Business also does not force its clients in to multi-year contracts, as is a standard in the enterprise and business market. Instead Yeb Com Business provides the highest quality service to insure long term relationship with its clients.

Our Clients

"I setup a meeting with Yeb Com (Business) on Thursday, as our previous provider had too many issues, and we started to lose customers due to those issues. By Monday, Yeb Com switched all 6 of our offices off our previous provider to Yeb Com, and all our issues went away. Yeb Com preformed a miracle, which saved our company ." L.L.B