Yeb Com CRM is a fully managed and hosted web based CRM solution. Yeb Com CRM fully integrates with Yeb Com PBX including Dial-By-Click, and Screen-pop with customer record for incoming calls.

The Yeb Com CRM was designed for medium size companies, especially those who don't already have well-established CRM processes.

According to a study from Nucleus Research, over 80% of companies that outsource CRM achieved a positive ROI. The study reported that problems with the traditional in-house CRM model include high software and consulting costs, ineffective user adoption, and poor management. Yeb Com CRM can be tailored specifically to the particular needs of an organization.

Yeb PBX Integration
  • Dial-By-Click, easily dial customer or lead by clicking on the customer name

  • Screen-pop open customer file for inbound calls.

Marketing Management
  • Campaign Management

  • Mass Mailing

  • E-mail Templates

  • Mail Merge Templates

Customer support & service
  • Trouble Tickets

  • Knowledge Base

  • Customer Self Service

Yeb Fax Integration
  • Send Faxes to leads, clients and vendors

  • Receive Faxes from leads, clients and vendors

  • automatically associate inbound and outbound faxes with the leads, clients, or vendors.

Sales force Management
  • Lead Management

  • Account & Contact Management

  • Sales Quotes

Inventory management
  • Products Catalog

  • Price Books

  • Vendor Management

  • Purchase Orders

  • Sales Orders

  • Invoices

Activity management
  • To Dos, Meetings & Calls

  • Recurring Events

  • Shared Calendar

  • E-mail Notifications

  • Real Time and scheduled reports

  • Build Reports From Any CRM Data

  • Build reports, pivot tables, and charts on team, pipeline, product and other drivers of performance, then pin charts to CRM dashboard.

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