Yeb Cloud Storage

Doctors, researchers and other experts need to share sensitive data internally and with external peers. Examples include patient test results, research findings and confidential clinical information. Some experts need to view data, while others need the ability to enhance raw data with new information, insights and revisions.  Public Cloud-based file sharing services are convenient, but using them for sensitive data exposes organizations to privacy violations and associated consequences. YebCom Cloud Storage allows all sensitive data to remain securely within an organization’s control, ensuring that only authorized parties can access data. Using YebCom Cloud Storage, healthcare and life science collaborations can be achieved in a secure, compliant, auditable manner.

Profile server integration

Authentication and group security policy based on YebCom Profile Server Active Directory.


With YebCom Cloud Storage you can invite your colleagues to work on or share files. Send password protected public links so others can upload files to you. Get notified on your phone when you get a share from your own or another YebCom Cloud Storage server. Share with anybody via email using the guests feature. YebCom Cloud Storage provides powerful permission management tools to control exactly who can access your files.


YebCom Cloud Storage provides easy access to all your data – whenever you want, wherever you want. Search through content, setup favorites for frequently used files and browse through revisions.


YebCom understands the importance of keeping patient information out of the wrong hands while also being HIPAA compliant. YebCom Cloud Storage lives on your enterprise’s private server in YebCom Private Cloud.. And YebCom Cloud Storage enables admins to set document classification rules and then, based on the defined classification, take action to enforce those rules. By leveraging a combination of new system and user tags, admins and users can decide how to classify a document. Further, admins can set policies that determine how long to retain a file based on the classification, and then automatically delete the file at the end of a defined retention period.


With credential or master key based encryption, YebCom Cloud Storage adds an additional layer of security to your files. Healthcare stakeholders need to share sensitive data with the confidence of knowing it is only available to authorized parties. Further, organizations need to control each party’s rights (view, download, update, etc.) and audit how and when data has been accessed. Traditional file sharing approaches are cumbersome at best and insecure at worst. And public cloud-based file sharing services raise many questions about compliance with HIPAA and other regulations. YebCom Cloud Storage overcomes these limitations with a file sharing solution that runs on YebCom Private Cloud. YebCom Cloud Storage is designed from the ground up to integrate with existing directory, security and rights management systems, ensuring that data governance policies are enforced end-to-end. YebCom Cloud Storage’s flexible logging features provide auditors with detailed visibility into all data access activities.

Share Files with any device
  • iPhone / iPad IOS client

  • Android Client

  • Windows 7 & Windows 10 Client

  • Mac OS Client

  • Web browser file access