YebCom Internet Filter

YebCom Internet Filter

YebCom Internet Filter is a sophisticated web traffic filter designed to meet the control, security and communications needs of today's businesses. YebCom Internet Filter enforces advanced and flexible access-control and acceptable use policies

There are three main reasons why every business needs YebCom Internet Filter:

1. Productivity: Improved Employee productivity through reduced time wastage. Get higher productivity from employees by insuring employees only visit work related web sites.

2. Security: YebCom Internet Filter makes your office surfing anonymous, it hides your office Internet IP address. YebCom Internet Filter eliminates possibility of DDoD, phishing & other attacks caused by visiting compromised web sites.

3. Performance: YebCom Internet Filter improves network performance and responsiveness with web and DNS caching. Plus by limiting all non-work related web sites, you will save up to 80% of the bandwidth at your office, providing faster Internet surfing for all employees.

YebCom Internet Filter features:

  • Surf securely & anonymously, to prevent hacking attacks on your corporate network

  • Limit access per Employee or Department by using Whitelists or Blacklists of web sites.

  • Access to reports showing Employee web usage

  • Block traffic to any web services i.e. Skype, Facebook, MSN, Google

Yeb Profile Integration

Employees can be assigned different web site access based on their Profile/Active Directory user and secuirty group.

Yeb VPN Cloud Integration

YebCom Internet Filter service give you 100% secure web surfing via YebCom Filter service.