YebCom VPN Cloud

YebCom VPN Cloud provides cost effective ways to securely connect remote sites to your centrally hosted applications and resources. Whether you’re a small organization with only a few remote sites, or a large organization with lots of distributed sites, we can design a solution that’s perfect for you.


YebCom VPN Cloud key features:

  • Fully Managed Network Secuirty
    Provides your company all the benefits of a superior, continuously updated and monitored firewall solution without investing the time and resources required to maintain your own.

  • Secure private communications with all devices, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Chrome OS.

  • Secure Network to all YebCom Services
    YebCom VPN Cloud gives you secure private network to all your YebCom Hosted services, including YebCom Email, YebCom CRM, YebCom PBX, YebCom Corpoate Backup, and YebCom Profile Server.

  • Hardware and software solutions
    We provide you with customized hardware and software solutions to protect hosted equipment and connect VPN users to your secure network.

  • Disaster-Proof Your Business
    In the event of a business disruption, YebCom VPN cloud provides your entire workforce with secure remote access to your enterprise network and information systems.

  • 24/7 Monitoring
    Our professionals monitor your connection around the clock

YebCom VPN Cloud
Mobile Phone Client

iPhone, Android, and Windows client secure on-net communication.

PC Client

Remote employees can use Windows and Mac client to connect securely to YebCom services

Office Equipment

VPN router with adaptive firewall is fully managed by YebCom

Yeb Profile Integration

Remot user's access and secuirty policy is assigned via YebCom Profile Server